How to Add Subtitle File to a Video

Do you want to add subtitles to a video that you have created or downloaded? With subtitles, it becomes easier to understand the content of the video. If you want to add your captions to a video, then first you’ve to create a subtitle file in the .srt, .ssa or other suitable formats. Once the file is created, you can add it to the video with various video editing programs. Here are some ways to add subtitle file to a video.

How to add subtitle file with VLC Player

VLC Player is a common media player and can be run on both Windows and Mac computer. The VLC media player is also free to download and easy to use.  Follow the steps to add subtitle to your video with VLC.

•    Make sure both video and subtitle file are in the same folder in your computer and have the same name. If they are not, just copy (Ctrl/Command + C) and paste (Ctrl/Command + V) them in the same folder.


1.    Locate to the video location you want to add the subtitles.

2.    Right click on the video and open in VLC media player.

•    In windows: Right-click on the video > Go to ‘Open with’ > select ‘VLC media player’ from the options.

•    In Mac: Right-click on the video > Go to ‘File’ > click ‘Open With’ > select ‘VLC media player’ from the options.

3.    When the video opens in the player, click ‘Subtitle’ tab at the top.

4.    Go to ‘Sub Track’ in the dropdown menu.

5.    Click ‘Track 1’. You will see your subtitles file if it is correct.

6.    If your subtitle doesn’t appear, use below steps to add manually.

•    In the same ‘Sub Track’ menu, click ‘Add Subtitle File…’

•    Select your video’s subtitle file.

•    And click ‘Open.’

Once you’ve successfully added subtitle file, subtitle you created will appear with the video.

How to add subtitle file with HandBrake

This is another app that can add subtitles for you to a video. Handbrake is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS, download the HandBrake app on your computer for free from “” After installing it on your PC, follow below steps to add subtitle file to your video.


1.    Open the ‘HandBrake” application.

2.    Click ‘File’ on the prompted Source Selection window. It will open File Explorer in Windows or Finder in Mac.

3.    If it doesn’t appear, click ‘Open Source’ at the top-left corner of the screen.

4.    Click ‘File’ in the pop-out menu.

5.    Browse the video location you want to add the subtitles.

6.    Click the video to select.

7.    Then click ‘Open.’

8.    Now, click the ‘Browse’ button at the center of the page.

9.    Enter a name in ‘File name:’ field.

10.    Select a location to save your subtitled video.

11.    Click ‘OK/Save.’

12.    Now, click the ‘Subtitles’ tab, just above the video screen.

13.    Click ‘Import SRT’ button.

•    In Windows: click the red ‘X’ next to the track to remove the default subtitle track.

•    In Mac: open ‘Tracks’ dropdown box, and select ‘Add External SRT…’ from the options.

14.    Browse and select your created subtitle file.

15.    Click ‘Open.’

16.    Now, click the box of ‘Burn In’ to play subtitles always with the video.

17.    Click ‘Start Encode’ button at the top.

HandBrake begins adding your subtitles to the video. After finishing of the encoding process, you can see your created subtitles in your video.

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