How To Uninstall Razer Synapse on Windows PC

The majority of gaming hardware brands provides their customers with special utility software’s which help the user in linking and customizing their different devices to perform according to their desire.

 Let it be DPI, mouse RGB lighting, or keyboard RGB combo. Users can easily customize their devices as per their needs and usage, making gaming interactions much more fun.  Synapse software allows Razer device users to pair all their hardware at a single destination where a user can easily sync all the devices by implementing there desired settings and usage.

Uninstall Razer Synapse

Uninstalling Razer Synapse sometimes end up being a significant challenge as this software is considerably tricky to uninstall as it leaves some additional files behind even after completing the uninstallation process properly. So if you are looking for some means to uninstall Synapse from your PC, then follow the steps given below carefully.

  • First shutdown the Synapse program by right-clicking on the Razer Synapse logo and then choose the “Close Razer Synapse” from the prompted list.
  • Now head to the “Start” menu and select it.
  • And then hit the “Settings” option.
  • After that, choose the “Apps” option.
  • Now from the list of available options choose “Razer Synapse.”
  • Then select the “Uninstall” button and confirm the prompt window to initiate the uninstallation process.

After following the steps mentioned above thoroughly, users will be able to uninstall Razer Synapse from their computer. It is better recommended to restart your computer to remove any backup files related to the Synapse software. To restart your system follow the steps below.

  • Head to the “Start” menu.
  • Select the “Power logo.”
  • Now hit “Restart.”

How to completely remove Razer Synapse

If you still witness some files associated with Synapse software on your system files, chances are some of the junk and cache files are still present on your system. To altogether remove the software from your device go through the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the “Start” menu.
  • Insert “regdit” in the search bar.
  • Now select “Registry Editor” app to launch it.
  • After that, choose the “Computer” option from the registry editor.
  • Then hit the “Edit” option from the action panel.
  • Now you are required to select the “Find” option from edit window which would pop-up search bar.
  • Insert ‚ÄĚRazer” in the search field and hit “Enter” key. It would present you with all the files associated with Razer Synapse software.
  • Now right click on all the files displayed and choose the “Delete” option to remove all the data from your device.

By following the steps accurately, users will be able to remove any of the existing files from their PC and uninstall the Razer Synapse program completely. Hopefully, all the users who want to uninstall the Razer software will be able to do so easily by following all the mentioned steps above.

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