How to View and Manage Settings of Uploaded Videos on YouTube

There are many channels and YouTubers on YouTube; everyone loves to upload videos on their channel. Are you also one of them? Many users don’t know much about the video settings. You can view and change many settings for your videos, including title, description, thumbnails, privacy, language and more. Here is how to view and manage settings of your uploaded videos.

How to find your uploaded videos

1.    Launch a ‘Browser.’

2.    Enter address ‘’ in the URL field.

3.    Press ‘Enter’ to open YouTube.

4.    Check you’re signed in with your account or not.

5.    If not, click ‘Sign In’ at the top-right side of the window.

6.    When Sign in page open, enter your sign in email or phone in the respective field.

7.    Click the ‘Next’ button.

8.    On the next page, type your ‘Password.’

9.    And click ‘Sign In’ button.

10.    After signing in, your profile picture or initials of your account name in a circular icon appears near the top-right corner.

11.    Click on your ‘Profile’ icon.

12.    In the profile dropdown menu, click ‘YouTube Studio (Beta).

13.    YouTube Studio Beta page opens on your screen.

14.    Click on ‘Videos’ on the left side menu.

15.    Your uploaded videos list appears the screen with the privacy, views, likes, dislikes, and comments.

16.    Click on a ‘Video’ to view more details about the video.

17.    Click the ‘Analytics’ option in the left menu.

18.    Now, click the tabs (Overview, Reach Viewers, Interest Viewers, or Build and Audience) to view the information you want to see.

19.    Click the ‘Back Arrow’ to return to the uploaded video list.

This way you can view details of other videos in the list.

How to edit settings of an uploaded video

1.    Open ‘YouTube Studio (Beta)’ page. Check above steps to open ”YouTube Studio’ page.

2.    Click on ‘Videos’ on the left side menu.

3.    Now, click a video in the uploaded video list you want to manage the settings of.

•    To edit the name: Click the ‘Title’ box at the top to change the title of the video.

•    To edit description: Click the ‘Description’ box to add or change the descriptions of the video.

•    To edit thumbnail: Click the ‘Thumbnail’ box to add or select a new thumbnail for the video. If you want to add thumbnail or image of your choice, click ‘Custom thumbnail.’ You can add an image of size lower than 2 MB.

•    To edit tags: Click the ‘Tag’ box at the bottom to add or remove tags. You can add many tags as you want, use comma to add multiple tags.

•    To edit privacy(Visibility): Click the ‘Visibility’ box on the left side to change the privacy of the video. There are three privacy options, you can choose for your video, Public, Private, and Unlisted.

•    For more advanced settings, click the ‘Advanced’ tab. In the advanced settings, you can view or edit the recording date, location, category, language, settings for comments, set age restriction, and many more.

4.    Click ‘SAVE’ button to save the changes you’ve made in the video settings.

The changes you’ve done will apply to the video. If you want to edit the settings for more videos, select the video from the list and use the same procedure.

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